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Here you will find news and information about the ongoing semester.

Important Corona notice for students from abroad: Please consider that there is a possible quarantine period of two weeks on your arrival and therefore please arrive earlier.


Below you can find all the available downloads with information about the courses running during the winter term. Please note that not all the titles and dates for the lecture are yet available, we will contact you as soon as changes are available.

Reminder to the first year students: Because of the corona situation practical courses are going to be 50% virtual and 50% physical. Please select the courses accordingly.

We remind all students that the practical reports for the Stem Cell Practicals and for the Lab Rotation have a deadline, too (Module III: for each practical end of third practical week; Module X: 4 weeks after end of practical. Failure to meet the deadline without reason will lead to failure of the module. Modules can only repeated in the semester they are normally offered (either summer semester or winter semester). This may result in a delay of your studies.

Please notice !!

Please note that your participation in the two exams of Stem Cell Physiology II (Faissner/Wiese and Günther-Pomorski) in this semester must be passed by you. (An average of both, Stem Cell Physiol. I and Stem Cell Physiol. II will be given as your final grade for the module.)

Especial for 4th Term students: Admission for Master Thesis see “Modules”


New procedure for registration of master thesis (12.12.2016)

Dear students,

For all those who plan to register for their master thesis, it is important to note that from now on students must choose from the offers made by the professors and lecturers actively involved in the M.Sc. Program Molecular and Developmental Stem Cell Biology. The offers will be announced on the ISTEM website presumably before or directly after the Christmas break, along with the names and affiliations of the offering PIs.

As you know, the Module XI “Lab Bench Project and Grant Writing” of 6 to 12 weeks duration can be done in the same lab as the master project, but this is just an option. Importantly, the master thesis must be applied for to the Head of the Examination Board via Ms Aja Lenz up to four weeks after the Lab Bench Project and Grant Writing has been completed. The date of completion has to be documented on a new form that will be available in January 2017.

Students who do not register for a master project before this deadline without a plausible reason (illness, childbirth etc.) will fail the first attempt of their master thesis.

Master projects offered by other PIs (non-members of the ISTEM Program) may be suggested to the Examination Board by the students and can be approved under certain conditions (Erasmus partners, ISAP, Double Degree etc).

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