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ATOH8 in Zebrafish

The many advantages of zebrafish – Danio rerio its taxonomy name – make it a very attractive organism to investigate and study matters of embryological, pharmacological and physiological nature and equips it with great appeal for modelling human diseases.

At present, we use these advantages to study the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in craniofacial development. Our particular interest lies in the contribution of the transcription factor Atoh8 (aka: Math6) in the development of skeletal and muscle elements of the face and head.

Our research contributes to fundamental science and deal with the developmental biology of the structures that form the head and face. The findings produced lay the foundation on which medical and clinical research on a diversity of conditions leading to craniofacial malformations in humans can be based.  Ultimately, the results can be used to model certain human conditions and explore possible treatments and – hopefully – to find cures for these conditions.

Our group welcomes you to participate in this research. We offer opportunities to Bachelor, Master and PhD students, who are curious to learn about the many perspectives research on zebrafish offers. For more information on our zebrafish research opportunities, you can contact us via email or phone.

Ninfa Fragale, M.Sc.

Research Assistant
Room MA 5/162

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